Driving lessons throughout Burnley and surrounding areas in Lancashire

Don't be fooled by overly cheap driving lessons. Some driving schools may offer cheap introductory offers such as ten hours driving tuition for £50. These prices don't always add up. Remember cheap in, expensive out. They pull you in with a cheap deal but then you find yourself advised to have more tuition, at the standard rate, than you need. All driving schools need to make a profit. You won't get something for nothing.

Quality over quantity. 30 hours of lessons at £20 an hour is cheaper than 40 hours of lessons at £17 per hour. As I say, driving instructors should earn a reasonable living, they have to pay the bills. If an instructor told you needed several more lessons before you were likely to pass your test would you take their advice? You probably would, but what if the real motive was to compensate for the cheap lesson prices?

In order to earn a living instructors who, offer overly cheap lessons need to work exceedingly long hours. This means long hours in control of a car, often with little in the way of proper breaks. Is this safe? Does it affect their ability to teach? Do these long hours spent chasing a liveable wage mean the ADI can keep up-to-date with all current training standards as set out by the DVSA? They also need to reduce their business costs I.E. use less petrol, which means less driving for the learner taking the lesson.


Driving instructors offering cheap lessons do so because they do not have the teaching skills to charge more. They are likely to offer poor teaching standards with little or no knowledge of how to teach to the needs of each learner. Their lessons will be of the 'one size fits all' variety, which is fine if you fit that size perfectly, not so if you are a unique individual.

2 Hour Driving lesson for first time Driving novice from £24 to £30
Hourly Driving Lessons from £24 to £30
Hourly Refresher and Motorway £30
Pass Plus £160

Theory Test

The cost of payable to the DVSA: £23.00

Theory and Hazard Perception Test Training.

Take a test with [email protected]

Practical Driving Test

This fee is payable to the DVSA: £62.00

Evening and Saturday test are extra: £75.00

The charge to use the Instructor’s vehicle for the Driving test is the rate of: £48.00 to £60

Extended Test Training

Driving lessons (full 60 minutes on the road) for the pupil who has been ordered by the Court of Law to re-sit the Theory and Practical Test.

Each lesson at the rate of £24.00

Extended Driving Test

This fee is payable to the DVSA: £124.00

The cost of an extended Saturday Test is: £150.00

The charge to use the Driving Instructor’s vehicle for the driving test is: £72 to £90

Please don’t hesitate to call your local Driving School, Brunlea will give you all the support you need even after you pass your test, Thank You, Barry Griffiths.